Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures

From The New Yorker
Oh my goodness! A high tide of books!

From the Creative Review
A typographical map of Paris done by Mark Webber. Every street name has been carved in reverse. The map, which took 8 months to complete, measures 1.8 meters across.

From Oddee
Apparently, Mr. Mayor should also learn English.

From Make It and Take It
For the ladies, an HP tote bag you can use to carry your HP books!

From Art Meets Matter
This is just perfect for those lazy afternoons spent reading.


Vivienne said...

I am itching to sort out all those books out in the top picture!

Peter S. said...

Hi Viviene! Hahaha! I am too!

Anonymous said...

The first picture is a real hoot. I can see a real anal person fretting over the pile, "Do I sort alphabetically by title, by author, by publisher" Do I group by subject? From tallest to smallest? Do I color code them?" Then that person goes insane.

Stephen Tremp

sumthinblue said...

me likey the hp totebag!

and I think I can create a similar high tide with a little prod of my index finger in the pile of books on top of my desk, haha

line of flight said...

that first photo looks like a public library's book drop looking from the inside after a long weekend!

Charlie said...

I suspect that pile of books are all the ARCs and personal submissions wanting a review by The New Yorker. I wouldn't be surprised in every publisher has a pile like that too.

As far as the "English" sign, I love it when idiot racists show off their idiocy in public.

Anonymous said...

while I love how cute the HP ladies' bag is, I think it's sacrilege to "kill" a book like that..buti sana if they they include the pages when they ship it..hehehe

sumthinblue said...

@pachuvachuva, the site says its made from the actual book but I think it’s probably a repro -- see how smooth it is by the way it catches the light? The dust jacket of the US HP is not glossy because it’s textured, similar to grosgrain, so it makes me doubt that it was an original HP jacket. Even if varnish was applied I don’t think it would look as smooth as that.

Plus, when you remove the US Edition dust jacket, the book is cloth-covered with a diamond pattern embossed, unlike the UK editions, whose books have a laminated finish and are identical to the dust jacket.

My theory is that it’s a different hardcover in HP clothing :)

@Peter -- sorry, couldn’t resist being the HP geek

I actually have plans to er, alter some books in a similar fashion. Ive bought some classic children’s books (in a foreign language, for around P10- P15 at Book Sale) because I want to frame some pages. I also want to make some character-based crafts. Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Great post! You scared me with the first one, I thought you were going to say "this is my reading room"...LOL

Peter S. said...

@Blooey: I can't wait to see your shelves of HP books.

@bookjourney: Hahaha. Actually, just looking at that picture scares me too.