Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Everyone's a critic

I met a good friend today and told him about this blog. I was caught a bit off guard by his reaction upon knowing that I write about the books I've read: "Why?" I must admit that, in my head, I knocked the freaking b*st*rd off his feet, sat on his stomach while I gouged his eyes out.

Of course, we were in a posh mall so I had to keep the conversation civil. And while I'm not one to turn away from the sight of blood and pieces of flesh on the floor, the people around us wouldn't appreciate the violence. Anyway, our "friendly" conversation went this way:

Good friend: So you have a blog. Why? What do you write about exactly?

Me: Books I read, books I want to read. Book stuff mostly. I sometimes have contests too.
Me (in my head): You do know what books are, don't you? You s**t for brains, you.

Good friend: And people read what you write?

Me: Well, I do get a few visits every day. And some of them are kind enough to write comments.
Me (in my head): F***ing idiot! It must be really hard going through life with a hollow skull.

Good friend: And contests? You actually give prizes?

Me: Yes, of course.
Me (in my head): That's why it's called a contest. Take your head out of your big fat a**. Also, what's with all your sentences beginning with "and"?

It occurred to me that the conversation was leading nowhere and I shouldn't be justifying myself to him or to anyone who doesn't understand why people maintain blogs. People who don't write, much less care to find out other people's thoughts by reading their blogs, should just shut up.

I think everyone's a critic. At least bloggers take the time and effort to put what's in their minds into words.


Patrick said...

That was hilarious! I loved what you were thinking in your head. Seriously though there's many of them who don't see the reason for blogs. It's no different than old-school diaries really except blogs have that advantage of being social.

And wait, don't you think he could be reading this now too? :P

Peter S. said...

Hi Patrick! Frankly, I do wish that he would be reading this. Hehehe.

Charlie said...

Good for you, Peter. When it comes to blogging, thou shalt not justify. (Now you know the meaning of my URL.)

Dinah said...

ha ha, with my friends, the conversation goes like this:
me: i wrote about this in my blog
friend: oh (thinking, syet-may niyayabang na naman to!)
me: he he

Peter S. said...

@Charlie: Hahaha. You're so right.

@Dinah: I also think about that. Hehehe.

Dani in NC said...

Take your conversation and replace the word "friend" with "husband" and you know what I'm up against :-). It has taken years for my husband to wrap his head around the idea that people would want to read what I write, especially since I'm not a celebrity.

mental wayfarer said...

I love how your "inner goddess" is so bitchy. I feel like I AM your inner goddess.:D What an entertaining post!