Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feed being stolen

I just learned a moment ago that my entries are being reposted on this site:

If you are reading this post from a site other than, then you are reading a stolen feed.

I have not given permission to any site to use any of my posts. Some people have just no respect.


ibdragon said...

I just emailed all the people listed at the base of the page for bookfreaks. My content is on there as well. It is probably spitting in the wind to express dismay but dismay is what I feel.

Chris said...

Hi Peter

My feed has been hi-jacked as well. You can find info about that site through Whois. It is hosted by Domains by Proxy.

What a pain. :(

line of flight said...

There is a number of sites that have stolen my feed -- quite a few actually -- as I'm sure there are more sites than you know stealing yours as well. Life in a postscript society, I guess.

Peter S. said...

@ibdragon: Thank you. Yes, I've been feeling dismayed too.

@Chris: Hi Chris! What can we do about this?

Cindy said...

I must of have missed this post when I left a comment a few minutes ago. The nerve of some people I tell you. They even have you and Chris listed as contributors.

Is that a form of flattery stealing your blog content?

Poor you I hope you manage to get it all worked out.

Peter S. said...

Hi Cindy! I know! This really pisses me off.

fantaghiro23 said...

Hi, Peter. I just checked the site, and it seems to have disappeared. I hope you guys were instrumental in that. Intellectual theft is really reprehensible.

How do you know if your feed is being stolen and what can we do to avoid it?

Patrick said...

That's why I have Google Alerts setup to notify me, every time, of any new pages that mention my name or my content. It's not failsafe but it's good in keeping track of what the web knows about me and where my works are being referenced or posted.

Try it guys if you have not yet: