Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bookshelf Project #1

Finally, The Bookshelf Project is up and running. I actually started this blog with this purpose -- to let people see what other people's bookshelves look like.

This week's bookshelves are from Nutrasweetie.

Hmmm... Very, very eclectic selections, don't you think? What does Nutrasweetie's bookshelves say about him or her? (I can't help but giggle about the the fact that Conversations with God is quite near David Sedaris's Naked.)

I'd really love to hear from you guys!


Peter Michael C. Sandico said...

This is from my good friend, Reden, who posted his comment in Facebook, so I'm posting it here. Apparently, Reden and Nutrasweetie are friends:

Reden: It was never a redundant experience rummaging through his books and magazines. There was always something new, refreshing, engaging, and intriguing on his shelves. I miss those days.

Mighty said...

Hi Peter,

You have a good project here. Will also share my bookshelf one of these days. Except that, my books are in boxes. hahah. cheer.


Stepford Mum said...

I wanted to comment last night, but for some reason, couldn't post anything :( Very interesting collection - I think this (male, my guess) reader would enjoy Neil Gaiman, but not chick lit or romance novels :)

Peter Michael C. Sandico said...

@Mighty: Hello, Mighty! Thanks! Why not send pictures of the boxes? Hehehe.

@Stepford Mum: Thanks! Yes, the owner does indeed have an interesting collection -- books on spirituality, horror, young adult, etc. Actually, you're right, the owner is male, and he was the one who introduced me to Neil Gaiman.

Portobello's coffee said...

Yep, that's my bookshelf actually! Hehe. There I'm admitting it! Yes, I do have an extensive Neil Gaiman collection. I love how inightful his fantasy books are and how Mr Gaiman still influence my reading choices.

But I do appreciate a few chick lit books occasionaly. I remember reading Bridget Jones' Diary when it was first published,years before the Renee Zelwegger movie.

Patrick said...

Nice project here Peter! It's pretty cool seeing other bookshelves of book lovers. Although my shelf I bet is pretty embarrassing...

I'll probably like those books in Nutrasweetie's shelf. Actually, only 2 books there are familiar to me: Artemis Fowl and Life of Pi. I have read only Stardust of Gaiman but I'm sure that would fall under what you'd call chick lit. :P

Peter S. said...

Hi Patrick! There's no such thing as an embarrassing bookshelf!