Thursday, May 7, 2009

My top Mother's Day gifts

It's the time of year again when my siblings and I bicker discuss amongst ourselves what gift should we give our mother for this special occasion. Mother's Day is quite stressful for me because of this. We make it a point to actually give something useful every year. No flowers, chocolates, figurines for us.

Funny how our mom tells us, "Oh, don't bother yourselves with buying me a gift." One time, we really didn't get her anything for Mother's Day. She gave us the silent treatment for 3 days. So today I googled like mad for the best gifts I could possibly give her. I came up with this list.

Things my mother would appreciate (I think)

An armadillo handbag - My mother always carries a huge handbag. Sometimes, it feels that it's actually the handbag that carries her. I think this handbag makes the perfect fashion statement. My mom can definitely pull off using roadkill for an accessory.
A horse wine bottle holder - We don't really drink wine that much, except during New Year's when we drink all the reds and whites we received during the holidays. I'm sure my mom would use this to hold the bottle of toyo (soy sauce), patis (fish sauce), or suka (vinegar).

Slippers with Star Wars characters - A huge fan of Star Wars, my mother is. I can just picture her wearing the pair with Darth Vader heads and speaking to me in a throaty, wheezy voice: Peter, I am your motherrrr.... I wonder, would she cut off my hand too?

A nose soap dispenser - I am loving this! My mom always complains that I don't drain the water from the soap dish, causing the soap to turn all mushy. Hopefully, this anatomically exaggerated soap dispenser with its realistically colored liquid hand soap would put a stop on all that.

An empty jewelry box - I can't wait to see her reaction BEFORE and AFTER she opens this one. I must have the camera ready. These are the moments I practically live for. Empty jewelry box: $1. The look on my mother's face: priceless.


Herbs D. said...

im voting for the nose!