Thursday, May 28, 2009

Filipinos and the media

A friend brought this worldwide study to my attention last week. Having been released in 2005, it may be a bit dated though, but I can't find a more recent one on global media habits.

Basically, the NOP World Culture Score(TM) Index details the number of hours people from different countries devote to watching TV, listening to the radio, reading, and logging in to the Internet. Here's what I found out:
  • We spend 21.0 hours every week watching TV. Filipinos ranked second in this category; Thailand ranked first.
  • We listen to the radio for 9.5 hours per week. We're #16; Argentina is at #1.
  • We read for about 7.6 hours every week. We came in at #4! Indians are the most bookish, with 10.7 hours spent every week reading.
  • Almost 10 hours of the week are spent online. The Taiwanese, ranking first, are online for 12.6 hours.
I just wish that the study could've been more specific. I'd really want to find out what Filipinos are reading. Do we read more magazines than books? Which books are the most popular? I do remember reading a study about the most popular non-school books among Filipinos. If I can find it, I'll share it with you guys.


sumthinblue said...

Here's something I worked on last year, with info from the NBDB:

By the way, I'm now blogging at Hope to see you there :)

Eric said...

How about crediting that friend who tipped you next time around? =p