Friday, May 29, 2009

At least it's hygienic

Koji Suzuki, the man behind The Ring, Spiral, and Dark Water, has a new horror novel. But this time, it's printed on toilet paper. My only question is: Will the books come out in 1- or 2-ply as well?

I am loving the concept already. Who would've thunk this one but the Japanese! If you plan to resell this book, then better come up with a new sales pitch other than "Used Toilet Paper For Sale."

On another sheet...

Ever wonder why the sheets of toilet paper don't stick? They roll out effortlessly from the tube, right? It's all due to a mathematical concept called Penrose tiling.

Look closely at a roll of Kleenex and you'll notice patterns on the surface of the sheets -- the Penrose tiles. These are actually unrepeating patterns, which prevent bunching when paper is rolled.

And because the Penrose tiles are unique, there's no possibility of the patterns of one sheet locking into place with the patterns of the sheet under it. Brilliant, right?


gege said...

So do you have to read this in the toilet?

Gosh, I can just imagine how much this is. Made in Japan eh.