Monday, June 8, 2009

Riding the wave


I've started this blog about 4 months ago mainly just to share my views about the books I've read. Since that time, I made several posts about book reviews and pretty much about any topic that crosses my fancy.

I had no idea that keeping a blog would be very therapeutic. While I do have to set a few minutes of my time each day to gather my thoughts and write a post, checking out reader's comments in KyusiReader has become something to look forward to.

It's also fun to check out other book blogs and to see what other people have been reading. I may not have met other book bloggers personally, but I feel a certain connection to them. Our love for reading and books binds us.

I stumbled upon this post that discusses how book blogs can be categorized. Basically, I think it all boils down to readership and the purpose of one's blogs.

Blogs in the wave 1 category are the literary blogs -- the blogs usually cited in the mainstream media. These are the ones we check for news about the publishing world. Some of the wave 1 blogs I visit are The Literary Saloon and Bookslut.

KyusiReader belongs to the wave 2 blogs, along with thousands of blogs out there who have a small following. Like other blogs in my blogroll, KyusiReader provides a venue for bibiliophiles to talk about books, something like a virtual community.

One thing I noticed though is that book bloggers, well at least the wave 2 blogs, are the most open-minded and perhaps the friendliest people in the blogosphere. There's none of the petty quarrels and inane arguments that you usually find online.