Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Judging a book by its cover

When we were young, we were all taught to never judge a book by its cover. While this may be true figuratively, bibliophiles don't really subscribe to it. If you collect books, you'd want to see beautiful covers on your shelves, wouldn't you? And if you didn't enjoy reading the book, at least the aesthetics of the cover can serve as consolation.

Perhaps that phrase was just coined by the librarians in my school to make up for all their books with hideous covers. So when I started book collecting, I made sure to get editions with books that look fabulous in my shelves. (I know, I can be shallow.) Here's a list of my favorite covers from books I acquired recently.

Vanity Fair also released their favorite book covers of all time. Check it here. Judging from my choices however, I think I'm partial to subtle graphics and clear typeface on the covers. How about you, dear reader? What kind of book covers do you like?


sumthinblue said...

Heehee, guilty of this one, especially on BookMooch. No movie covers if I can help it, and British covers when I can get them.

I'm really particular about the editions too -- I abhor mass market paperbacks! :D

Peter Michael C. Sandico said...

Hi Blooey! I completely agree with you! Actually, my beef against mass market paperbacks is that they smudge my fingers.

Stepford Mum said...

This post is so true, and I agree with you both. Most of my books are UK editions (was lucky enough to go to school there for a few years, which means I still have friends who can send me books when needed!) - and I don't like mass market sized books because the paper tends to be too thin and the fonts too small and sometimes smudgey.

One thing that filled me with horror a few years back was seeing the classics with these awful Fabio-type romance novel book covers. Have you seen them? P&P or Wuthering Heights with these lurid, cheesy covers. To appeal to a different market is the reason the publishers provide. Whatever sells, I suppose!

Patrick said...

So are those books the ones you didn't enjoy but at least have nice covers? ^^

I think most book lovers are guilty of this although we seldom notice doing it. I do buy mass market paperbacks though especially if I still have reservations, whether I'll like the book or not. But usually, I end up liking it after all and wishing I bought a hardbound instead. Such is life... :/

I rarely ever buy a book though JUST BECAUSE of its purdy cover. Although the front cover is still what usually attracts me into reading the back cover at least.