Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To the great outdoors

I'll be on vacation (and taking a break from blogging) starting tomorrow, and the question that comes to mind does not concern about what kind of clothes to pack but what books (and how many of them) should I bring. It's been some time since I last went on vacation and God knows that I need one. I'm really looking forward to going to the beach and just killing time reading a book and perhaps doing the obligatory sightseeing.

Considering that I'll be away for about 4 days, I've thought of bringing a doorstop of a book. Do I finally get to finish Philip Hensher's The Northern Clemency? (That book's taking me two months to finish. There's just so much to take in in those 600 hardback pages.) Do I bring The Collected Stories of Patricia Highsmith? (Again, another doorstop at 800 pages.) Will I find the time to squeeze in Denis Johnson's critically loved Tree of Smoke?

Because I'll just be wearing a belt bag for the trip, I think I'll just bring more portable books. I've decided to bring two medium-length novels, both from the NYRB classic editions. If you ever have reader's block, the NYRB editions will give you that much needed impetus to start turning those pages again. Just look at the covers: they're so wonderfully elegant!

Hmmm... I feel taking another book with me. I know that I have the first Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris somewhere in my room. I think I'll bring it too -- if I can find it.

Interestingly.... (Sorry, I don't have a proper seque to this.)

The words "robotics," "computer virus," and "zero-gravity" first appeared in science fiction work, not scientific journals. Here's a list of 9 words that originated from science fiction. You may want to read the comments to the post as well. Very very heated discussions.


SariJ said...

Enjoy your time off.
I always at least two bring books with me when ever I travel. One that will be sure to hold my attention and one that would require most of my attention. I finished Joyce's Ulysses when I was away from home and everyday distractions.

Dead until Dawn by Harris is a quick read, perfect for a plane ride.

fantaghiro23 said...

Woohoo! A new Charlaine Harris reader.:) Let us know how you like it. Have a great vacation!

Peter Michael C. Sandico said...

Hi Sari and Honey! I'm loving the first book, Dead Until Dark. I have to apologize for the typo in the post though. I originally typed "Soosie Stockhouse."