Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hot chaps who write

One of my habits every time I pick up a book in a bookstore is to check out the author's picture. Frankly, I'm surprised at how good looking some of these authors are. No, I don't buy a book just because I find the author hot; I buy a book because (1) I've been searching for the book for the longest time, (2) the book's plot seems interesting, and (3) the cover is too beautiful. The photo of the cute or handsome writer is just a bonus.

I'm guessing that most of my readers are female, so here I am presenting you with some eye candy. (And I know that a few of you guys are gay.) Funny that when I was asking my friends for names of good looking writers, some of them mentioned Neil Gaiman. Well, I saw Gaiman 3 years ago, and his low-maintenance look did nothing for me. He just seemed a tall and lanky guy with disheveled hair.

I'd probably come up with another list featuring beautiful female authors next time. But for now, here are some of the authors who I do find incredibly hot.

Alex Sanchez
His novel, The Rainbow Boys, was certainly conventional and is still frequently challenged with its gay theme. But it certainly paved the way for other writers to come up with more gay-oriented young adult novels.

China Mieville
I've always thought Mieville was a girl. Mieville is best known for writing "weird punk" novels, one of which is the acclaimed Perdido Street Station.

Brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden
These brothers co-wrote The Dangerous Book for Boys. Conn also writes historical fiction. Good genes are always nice to have.

Ethan Hawke
I think everybody has seen a movie with Ethan Hawke in it. But not everyone knows that Hawke is also a novelist. Everyone loved him in that movie with Julie Delpy, the one where they just walk and talk for two hours.

Jack Kerouac
The author of the seminal On the Road was one hot beatnik.

Jasper Fforde
I haven't read any of his novels. But if his novels are as good as the way he looks, I'm headed to the bookstore now. Some bloggers swear by Fforde, so I think it's inevitable that I'll read his novels some time.

Kenneth Oppel
This terribly good looking Canadian YA novelist is best known for his Silverwing trilogy.

Markus Zusak
Zusak's Book Thief and I Am the Messenger are great reads, not just for teens, but for grown ups as well. Don't you just love that adorable face?

Tom Perrotta
If you love 'em bears, then you'll fall for the author of Election, Little Children, and The Abstinence Teacher. Ummm, and he's a Facebook friend, too.

This is probably my gayest post ever. I feel like watching UFC just to compensate. But then again, watching half-naked guys groping each other does not necessarily translate to heterosexuality.


Helen said...

I thought Jack Kerouac was cute. He kind of resembles Clive Owen. I don't know. Maybe because it's a black and white picture.

I Heart Monster said...

Awww... thanks for that. You made my day with all of the hunky author pics :o)

sumthinblue said...

Jasper Fforde is H-O-T. A must-read for every book lover.

Atma Satya said...
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Ryan G said...

I'm sad that I missed this post and only saw it because someone else commented about it. Great list, I don't agree with some but that's personal taste.