Thursday, April 2, 2009

A big fan of the uber-skinny woman

I eat liberals for breakfast.

For the longest time, I've been waiting for our local bookstores here in Manila to have copies of Ann Coulter's latest book, Guilty. I don't care if it's a pricey hardback, I absolutely must get myself a copy. When Ann Coulter appeared in The View as a guest, it only strengthened my resolve to be updated with everything and anything about that woman. You see, Ann Coulter is a person of extremes: she's super skinny, very conservative, and has strong opinions about everything. I think these are precisely what makes reading her columns very interesting and engaging.

Much to my surprise, I saw one of her earlier books at a bargain bin last weekend -- How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). It costs 50 pesos (about $1) and I told R. to buy it for me since I'm still in my no-book-buying phase. Granted that the essays in the book mainly focused on events in 2004, I just know that I'll be having a grand old time reading it. Just a quick scan of the book's jacket tells you the following:
  • Her 9/11 comments: "I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!"
  • The "Treason Lobby": "Want to make liberals angry? Defend the United States."
I'm not at all interested in US politics and that whole partisan concept of Republicans and Democrats. Here in the Philippines, politics is a dirty business and parties are a joke, with members switching from one party to another more popular one especially during election time. Still, Ann Coulter certainly demands my attention. When I saw her in The View being ganged up by all the hosts, it was practically delightful. I guess the hosts needed another woman, aside from their own Elisabeth Hasselbeck, to pick on. I bet that that particular show would be a classic. Coulter had it coming though. Check it here.

"Evil" is the one adjective that many people would describe Ann Coulter. I don't agree with that though; I think she's just different in a bad way. I don't think she's scary too; she probably weighs less than 100 pounds and can carried by a strong gush of wind. But her words are something. Single parents, according to Ms. Coulter, are singlehandedly destroying America, with their offspring having a high disposition to drug and sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency, etc. Barack Obama isn't spared from her sharp tongue too. She calls him as America's Muslim president, always referring to him as Barack Hussein Obama.

In a world where everyone wants to attain balance, I think Ann Coulter represents what we need. She probably keeps Democrats on their toes. Megan McCain, John McCain's daughter, even mentions that Coulter may be contributing to the unpopularity of Republicans in a very liberal era. (I love Meghan McCain. She's not your typical Republican with her support for gay rights including gay marriage.) While I may not subscribe to Coulter's arch conservative view points most of the time, her writing does keep me entertained. For what it's worth, I think she's an extremely intelligent woman. I can't wait to start the book.


Thomas said...

Sigh. I do think Ann Coulter is pretty close to evil because she says things that are so outrageous and mean spirited and duplicitous, and inaccurate.

And you say "In a world where everyone wants to attain balance..." The problem with the media in the US is that they tend to act like both sides of an issue have equal credibility. But there are many issues where there may be two sides to the story, but they certainly aren't equal. Sometimes the facts stack up on one side. But then they bring in people like Coulter (or her counterparts on the Left) to "give balance" but instead Coulter and other wingnuts just start spewing whatever gets them attention and deflects from serious issues.

Coulter engergizes the same people who seriously believe that Obama is a terrorist and hates America. One can disagree with his politics, but to partake in such name calling leads to a mob mentality that is truly frigtening when you see it up close.

El said...

She's a man!