Friday, November 16, 2012

The bookshelf project #40

I eat out a lot. And having been to quite a number of restaurants in the metro, I noticed that there are very few eating places that have actual books. Why oh why? Books are perfect in restaurants, especially if you're dining alone and couldn't care less about people spotting.

Waiting for your companion to arrive? Read a book. What to do while the food that you ordered is being prepared? Get a book from the resto's bookshelf. Other diners seem uninteresting? Just go and read 10 pages or so. Finished with your entrees? Enjoy a cup of coffee with a book.

So let's call this The Bookshelf Project: The Restaurant Edition. Now I must admit that I haven't taken pictures of books in some restaurants that I've been to. (Must be more vigilant in using my phone's camera!) But 2 weekends ago, when I went to a gift-wrapping workshop held at a pizza place, I was amused to find beautiful books about food.

Books about pizza, pasta, desserts, and Italian food!
I die. 

Here's another resto that we went to 
a couple of years ago.
Don't you just love how the books make for 
interesting interior design pieces?
(Photo courtesy of R.)

I wonder why restaurant owners aren't too keen on putting up bookshelves in their places? Perhaps they're thinking that the pages might be soiled by the food? Ummmm... That's what napkins are for.

Kaz of Books Anonymous, one of the blogs that I follow, has made a great follow-up post on her blog about books in eating places. You can read her post here. The cafe that she features, with its cozy atmosphere and loads and loads of books, is so awesome that I want to book a flight to Sydney now! 


Kaz said...

Hi Peter...see my blog for my comment - was much too hard to do it in your comment box!

Peter S. said...

All right, Kaz!

Kaz said...

Noice!! Maybe see you down under sometime soon...?!

Peter S. said...

Yes, yes!

Arabella said...

Peter after reading your post and Kaz's I am going to start asking my frequented coffee shops why they don't do this, hopefully they will embark on a whole new trend.

Peter S. said...

Yay! Thanks, Arabella!