Monday, November 5, 2012

The bookshelf project #39

So how was your Halloween, dear readers? Have you been to any costumed parties during the last few days? I did, and it certainly was fun. A blog post about it will be posted soon!

Anyway, I've received a lovely set of bookshelf pictures from another reader. They're perfect for my bookshelf project! These pictures are from Neal, whom I met recently during the discussion for Howl's Moving Castle.

Let's take a look at Neal's books, shall we?

Neal's bookshelf!
Don't you just love it when you see a shelf
that's brimming with books?

Lots of Fforde, Riordan, and Stroud here. 
I haven't read The Bartimaeus trilogy yet.
These books must be good considering how 
well-thumbed Neal's copies are.

Agatha Christie galore!
I remember my Christie phase when I was younger.
All I read were her mysteries.
Of course, the Harry Potter must be at the very top!

 Magazines, Christopher Pike, and R. L. Stine 
dominate this corner.
I've never Pike nor Stine, even though our school library 
had lots of these books. Hmmmm...
Now I'm wondering why. 


Keso said...

Hope I can start my own bookshelf soon. Mahirap nang ibalance sa isang pile :s

Peter S. said...

Hello, Keso! Hehehehehe. And then take a picture!