Friday, August 3, 2012

Filipino Friday (3): Reading Habits and Book Formats

Hello again, fellow bibliophiles! There's just 2 more weeks left before the ReaderCon! Aren't you all excited? I know I am.  So today's Friday, which means another entry for the event's meme, Filipino Fridays. This week, it's all about reading habits and book formats.

Can you read anywhere and everywhere? Do you need a certain place/mood/state of mind to get reading? 
For some reason, there are two things that I need to have a pleasant reading experience: (1) silence and (2) absence of any moving objects. I easily get distracted, so I can't even concentrate on my reading when there's music in the background. Also, I can't read in the same room with a lot of people.

So that pretty much explains why I find it difficult to read in cafes, restaurants, bookstores, or even libraries. But I guess it can't be helped, especially if I'm waiting for someone so I might as well while away the time reading. But goodness, I read so slow when there are just too many distractions.

I was a panelist during the Mockingjay launch.
And here I am being distracted by I-don't-know-what.
See what I mean by getting distracted? Oy!

Are you exclusively for print, or do you go for ebooks more than print? Have you ever tried audiobooks?
Now this I feel strongly about. I just love printed copies so much. I can't imagine reading an ebook, much less owning an ebook reader. There are just too many sensory experiences that go with reading an actual book. I have listened to a couple of audiobooks though. They helped make my long commute to work bearable.

What can I say, I love them printed copies so much.

Understatement: Books make me really, really happy.


Kaz said...

Hi Peter,

I like this series of posts...might have to steal the idea sometime!

I can, and do, read anywhere. It's my retreat. DB and Sixteen have learned that if they want to speak to me when I'm reading, they have to make a point of standing in front of me and breaking my focus on the book - because I've grown very adept at tuning everything around me out completely. When they complain, I remind them that if they have the TV on, I have to do exactly the same to get their attention - even during ads... - so I reckon it's a fair swap.

Ditto the actual book. Have never read an eBook. Don't want any of the gadgets that enable eBook access - although, apparently my iPhone has the option - I'm just choosing to stay ignorant of the process!

I DID read the first of Jack's steampunk stories on sheets of printed A4 paper - which was kind of weird, and had its own amusing points - see my post on that! But, lacking those in any hard copy format, that was the only option. I'd just love to see them published as a collection in a funky little fat, distressed leather bound, neo-vintage hard cover...conceptually I think that would be entirely appropriate!


Peter S. said...

Hi, Kaz! I totally get you when you say you choose to be ignorant! I too have an iPhone but I haven't downloaded any ebook reader app.

Hmmmm... Which reminds me -- I have to read some of Jack's stories.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that photo is clearer. I think you are two books ahead of me. I have yet to buy copies of All the Names and The Stone Raft. I'll wait for the other books to either be discounted or appear at Book Sale branches. (But sometimes, I can't help it.)

That was off-topic. Anyway, I used to be unable to read with other people around, but I "trained" myself to at least be able to read with people quietly milling about the surrounding area.

Kaz said...

You've known Jack longer than I have - how have you managed not to read them yet??? When the man insists, he really INSISTS, in the nicest possible way, of course!! There are links to his sites on my post...a hint in vintage Jack style!

They really are great fun. I wouldn't say so if I didn't think so - I'm not that nice!

Peter S. said...

Angus, if I find any of these titles in bargain bins, I'll tell you. I haven't seen a Saramago in BookSale. However, I'm still kicking myself for not buying that Blindness hardcover that I saw in NBS. It was almost new, a first edition, and just Php 100. Argh!

Kaz, I'm gonna download them now!

Jinky said...

I didn't think I'd like ereading but it's not so bad. BUT I'd choose printed over ebooks, hands down! --btw, like your caption on the Mockingjay pic ..too cute! I'm actually one that if I'm engrossed in a book, someone has to pour water on me to get my attention! lol

Peter S. said...

Hello, Jinky! Thanks for dropping by! I'm like that too when I'm reading a really good book!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats reading in a quiet space with a really good ambiance. It easily makes my imagination work especially when I'm reading fiction.

Peter S. said...

So true, readplaydream. So true.