Monday, August 13, 2012

The bookshelf project #35

It seems that I haven't done a post on my bookshelf project lately. And I was scouring through my inbox when I remember the pictures my good friend Don sent me. How could I have missed these pictures!

Don sent me a picture of his workspace at home, which incorporates bookshelves. The rolling bookcases are just brilliant, don't you think? You can always do a quick redesign!

Don's workspace
If this were my workspace, I wouldn't mind working all day! (Not!) 
And the wood panels on the floor are just too beautiful.

A closer look
As Don is one heck of a finance guy, it's but natural to see lots of business books in his shelves.

I spy some good titles here.
Woot woot for The Hunger Games trilogy!
That novel by Matt Beaumont, e2, is one of the funniest novels ever.

What do you think of Don's workspace, dear reader? I haven't even been to his flat in San Francisco, and yet I think that I would feel right at home there.

Also, if you do have pictures of your bookshelves, then why not throw them my way?


Anonymous said...

This bookshelf project is quite something. Now I want to get a classy shelf like that.

Peter S. said...

Hi, readplayone! I would like to see your bookshelves!