Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've read the 1st book, so I might as well... the 2nd novel, Fifty Shades Darker by E L James. Well, it's as if I have a choice on this matter. I don't. See, I'm participating in a read-along of this trilogy with other members of the book club. Thank heavens it's a closed group. Our comments in the threads are very, well, not particularly wholesome.

Okay, the word 'darker' in the title looks promising. After having been sorely disappointed by the utter lack of BDSM elements in the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, I'm now readying myself for some serious kink. Bring on the whipping and caning! Let's see some flesh turning pink!

But does this book deliver? Hell, no. Fifty Shades Darker is anything but dark. In fact, this is even more 'un-BDSM' than the first. Goodness, it's so twee.

However, I found myself liking this book more than the first. Maybe because E L James devoted more page real estate to the minor characters. Taylor, Christian Grey's all-around man, has more face time in FSD. Mrs Elena Lincoln, the one that Ana hates so much in the first book, gets real lines in this novel. That scene where Elena confronts Ana and Christian in their engagement party is pure camp.

So what happens in FSD? Lots and lots of vanilla sex between Ana and Christian. Predictable much? Very. Cloying? Definitely. Will I read the 3rd book? You bet. Laters, baby!

Read this book if:

  1. You're a completist.
  2. Your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
  3. You have nothing else to do.


jamie241 said...

have you read the last book? the fifty shades freed.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Jamie! Yes, I've read the 3rd book. I'll post my thoughts on it soon. Thanks for dropping by!

jamie241 said...

looking forward on it sir :)our professor recommended this blog site her name is Almira Jallores, she told us that you were her former editor/ colleague something :)