Thursday, December 3, 2009

7 things I love

I got tagged by Thomas at his blog for this fun meme, wherein I'm supposed to list 7 things that I particularly love. So here goes.

Reptiles, turtles particularly - I find them so cute and adorable.

Vanilla - I just love the scent and taste of vanilla.

Soap - I find them really essential.

Pens - I'll never trade these for the most advanced PDAs.

The colors yellow and orange - Just looking at them makes me cheery.

Dumplings - Give me pork/beef/shrimp dumplings anytime.

Bookmarks - I can't get enough of them.

I'm not going to tag other bloggers though. I do would want to hear from you, dear reader, what are your 7 loves, besides books of course.


line of flight said...

i had a desperate addiction to bookmarks earlier in my life and now have a drawer in my bureau full of them. i try not to get anymore, but when the book shop or library is handing out free ones, it hard not to take a few.

i used to be someone who couldn't afford pens and so i took out pen-utang as a student whenever i'd visit an office, etc.,. now that i have my own office, i feel like we're constantly bleeding pens (as though i'm paying back my pen-utang like 3-2 or 4-3++).

Stepford Mum said...

Peter, you would love my pet! He (I assume it is a male, though I could be wrong) is a pig-nosed turtle my husband gave me over 6 years ago. The turtle is fully aquatic and started out about the size of a P1 coin. He is now the size of a large dinner plate and has moved from a 30 gallon to a 50 gallon aquarium. I assume he (she?) will live to a ripe old age beyond even my husband and myself :)

7 things I love - chocolate, receiving parcels in the mail, writing notes and letters by hand, salmon and uni sashimi, overcast days, the sound of my son's laughter and surprises from my husband.

Peter S. said...

@Line of flight: LOL on the concept of pen-utang.

@Stepford Mum: I would love to see your pet!

martine frampton said...

I have it on good authority that baby turtles are *the cutest* animal in the world, from my daughter who went to the conservation project in Borneo and saw them hatching. lovely list.
thanks for sharing
much love Martine

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough bookmarks. I run through them and lose them at an alarming rate. I end up using torn pieces of paper, napkins, and just random flat items to mark my place. Pathetic ~

Anonymous said...

Oooooh those dumplings look divine! I think one of my seven would have to be Dim Sum which I havent had in ages. I couldnt do mine and not put in books it wouldnt be me!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Those dumplings do look wonderful! I love Vanilla-the scent & the taste. I used to collect bookmarks, but ended up misplacing too many of them to keep up my collection!

Thomas at My Porch said...

Great list Peter. I wouldn't have guessed your turtle-love.

Charlie said...

Good things all, Peter. I'll have a helping (or two) of those dumplings, if you don't mind.

Melissa (My World) said...

That is a great list of items to love. My son and I both have a thing for pens and pencils. I love bookmarks as well, and post-it notes. I love different types of post-it notes & I use them with each book I read.

Krista said...

OMG, I love Reptiles too! Turtles are so very cute, but let me tell you I have always had a love for Snakes! Crazy I know but they're so awesome LOL! :)

Indigo said...

I'll make mine holiday oriented:

1)Old Fashioned Glass ornaments like the ones our grandparents used to have.

2)The scent of pine, or a wood burning fire.

3)Multi colored lights. The older ones with the huge bulbs.

4)Snow the reason I moved back to NY from Fla. I couldn't take another view of Palm Trees with Christmas lights.

5)Claymation Christmas Specials.

6)A large farmhouse wooden table that fits everyone around it comfortably.


I think that's a nice round-up.(Hugs)Indigo

Alexia561 said...

Wonderful list! Isn't the smell of vanilla great? My list would have to include:
1. chocolate
2. receiving packages in the mail
3. candles
4. gargoyles
5. my cat
6. a nice cuppa tea
7. flannel sheets

Ryan G said...

1. Dogs, larger breeds especially.
2. The smell of a campfire
3. The call of a loon
4. Scrabble
5. Eeyore
6. Everything about Christmas
7. Popcorn

the geek said...

ahhh..vanilla...classic, just classic...

martine frampton said...

Hi, me again. I just linked in to your bookshelf project, which I think is excellent fun. i loved looking at all those pictures.
much love Martine

Anonymous said...

I love that turtle photo! The rest of your list could be on my list too :)

lilly said...

I definitely agree with you on pens and bookmarks. I am not so sure about the reptiles thing, although they are certainly better than rodents.

Rebecca :) said...

I love that you love the color yellow! It is my favorite color because it makes me bright and cheery and optimistic. You don't find many people that choose yellow, so clearly you must be made out of fabulousness! :)

mitch ramirez said...

love, love, love vanilla! :D

and bookmarks and turtles and pens (specially colored ones!) :D

cute ng list mo sir!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Peter! The turtles are so cute! And I do love them, dumplings and vanilla as well.

This is a fun meme. So, I chose to be tagged by you and came up with my own list. :)

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I love pens too... good pens! The dumplings look yummy.... they would not be in my top seven but I have never had the ones you mention so what do I know? :)