Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book loot and a few thank yous

Since many bookstores in the metro had their sale for the past few weeks, I decided to take advantage of it and buy new hardbacks. Here are some of my recent purchases:

Wright's The Moral Animal will always be my favorite. I just hope that his most recent non-fiction, The Evolution of God, is just as good. I also can't wait to read Grant's Hunger, the sequel to Gone, which was a very satisfying read. Duey's Sacred Scars, her second installment of the wonderful A Resurrection of Magic series, is also one of the YA novels I've been eagerly anticipating. And, thanks to Melvin, a fellow book blogger, I finally have a hardback of Bolano's 2666.

This week, I'm also fortunate to receive a few awards from my fellow book bloggers. Ryan passed on to me the Lemonade Award. Thanks, Ryan! Check out his blog for his no-nonsense book reviews. Also, Sheila gave me the Your Blog Rocks! Award. Head on over to Sheila's blog, for she has lots of giveaways and she features book and reading groups. Michael also has given me the Zombie Chicken award. I can't wait for the Around the World in 80 Days thing!

Lisa at Book Blab gave me a Your Blog Rocks award. Thanks, Lisa! Jenny at TakeMeAway sent me a BINGO award as well. And to those of you who nominated me for a few BBAW awards, thank you! I really appreciate it.

Do check out these blogs whose owners were gracious enough to send these awards my away. I always have a jolly good time checking out what their entries.


mel said...

I just got back from Power Books at Trinoma-big sale-normal stock is 20 percent off and they have special books they have brought in for up to 70 percent off-I got 6 quality classics by writers likes Henry James, Wilke Collins and such for 70 percent off and bought for my middle daughter a Twilight book at 20 percent off and a Folger Shakespeare of Richard III at 20 percent off. Speaking of which, Peter and any one interested please go to my blog and read my post about Shakespeare read along-consider joining in-at most one play a month

Peter-I am almost done with the Japanese novel I got in our swap-I will link to your review when I review it for the Japanese Challenge

Vivienne said...

Well done on your awards - you deserve them.

Peter S. said...

Hello, Mel! Thanks for the heads up!

Hi, Viviene! Thank you. I really appreciate the comment.

Michael said...

Hi Peter, a post will be going up today for the 80 Days because.... it is on its way.

Peter S. said...

Oh, all right, Michael! Can't wait for the book.