Monday, October 5, 2015

Why it hasn't been a good year for reading (so far)

Because I've been mostly coloring, that's why.
The black background certainly provided a good contrast.
What was challenging here was how to make the building distinct from one another.
When you're given a set of 60 markers, you go and use every single one.
This is from the Vintage Patterns coloring book.
I'm into metallic and glitter pens lately.
And this Asian dragon plate is perfect for them.
Also used glitter and metallic pens for this chameleon.
The green background came with the page, FYI.
The colors made me smile on this one.
From the Secret Garden coloring book.
This is actually a spread, and it took me a week to finish.
Also from Secret Garden.
The thing about glitter and metallic pens is that they're trick to capture in a photo.
You have to find good lighting or you angle the camera sharply.
This is a closeup shot of the plate before it, taken at an angle.
Only then will the glitter and the metal pop up.
Because it was our anniversary month. Also from Secret Garden.
Just used pink, red, and violet markers on this one.
My mom has joined the coloring craze as well!
Here's her first finished plate.


Oliver Salangad said...
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Peter S. said...

I'm getting ideas for Christmas gifts myself! Right now, I'm coming up empty. Hehehehehe.

Kaz said...

Ha! I'm colouring NOW...just stopped to give my hands a break... I could do a similar blog post, not so much why it hasn't been a good year for reading, as why it hasn't been a good year for blogging - well blogging about what I'm reading... I HAVE been posting on my other blog. But, I finally caved in to the colouring thing just recently, having been watching it build on social media. I'm using pencils - because that's what I've got! Love the cityscape :-)

Peter S. said...

Hi, Kaz1 The cityscape is my favorite as well! And the dragon!

yccos said...

I just started recently and havent finished with the first one.. I am not really an artsy-fartsy one but this one is kinda fun.. though it really needs a lot of patience and more patience to go with it.. HAHA. I salute you on this!

ram said...

makulay na buhay...

Peter S. said...

Thanks, yccos and ram!

The Philippines Today said...

Making the buildings distinct from one another is really hard based on the above picture.