Monday, August 12, 2013

Neighborhood book sales are the best

This rainy Monday, I decided to check out the book sale that a church near my office was having. I've always been curious about this church. I've never been inside it, which is a bit weird since I pass by it every day for several years now.

So during our afternoon coffee break, a few of my officemates and I went there, with absolutely no expectations whatsoever. And, who would've thunk?! I was pleasantly surprised with the books they're selling!

They've lots of fiction and nonfiction titles. The paperbacks were going at 20 pesos each (around half a US dollar), and the hardbacks were 50 pesos each (just a little bit over a dollar). Now that's a bargain, yes? I took a few pictures of the book sale, and you click on each one to enlarge.

One of the fiction tables
Of course, being a church-sponsored activity,
I was expecting a table of books on religion and spirituality.
Another table containing fiction
Lots of sci-fi, thrillers, and literary fiction
They even had a table on literary criticism books.
The obligatory used magazine corner
The book sale floor
I believe the people manning the cashier were volunteers.
A few of their nonfiction titles
And what did I get for myself? I got only 2 books. (Yay for restraint!) But the 2 books that I bought were a keeper—the complete Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell and The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer. And my purchases amounted to just less than a dollar! Woot woot!


caite said...

i would need like a wagon or a cart if I went to that sale...ans someone to pull it.

Peter S. said...

Happy problem, caite!

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