Sunday, December 9, 2012

The omelette is made now

When Italians want to say that the damage has been done, they say, "La frittata รจ fatta." Now this seemingly innocuous phrase directly translates to, "The omelette is made now." Ah, the Italian languageyou gotta love it.

For the past 3 months, I've been attending basic Italian classes in Makati, and the course ended this weekend. It was a fun-filled 10 Saturdays, having formed friendships with my classmates and learning to love this Romantic language even more.

My notes on the last day of the class
I know, I have a very schoolboy-ish penmanship.

Many of my classmates have agreed to take the course for the next level. My pronunciation is still an embarrassment, my grammar horrible. If ever I find myself in Italy, I believe I'd just get deported. I'm still a "gnoccho di patata," which is figurative for "stupid."

I'll be packing away my pocket Italian dictionary and my little red notebook for now. The next course is scheduled to start in January, so I won't be needed them anytime soon. Perhaps I'll just check out those Italian instructional videos on YouTube for the meantime. I don't wanna get rusty.

The photocopied handouts and the green book which has been
in my bag for the past 10 weekends

So this means that I can stay in bed longer on Saturdays for the next few weeks. More reading time! Yay!

The result of 10 Saturdays of grueling Italian conversations,
recitations, and grammar exercises.


Kaz said...

Bravissimo Peter!

Voi prendere libre in Italiano....!!! I libri di bambini e bene - la lingua e facile.

Peter S. said...

Grazie mille, Kaz!

Somehow, I understood what you wrote! Yay!

Kaz said...

Even with my mistakes! Well done!!