Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 things for 2012

Before I bid 2012 adieu, let me highlight the 12 things I learned this year after reading 85 books.
  1. People are inexplicably drawn to trains. Yes, even beautiful and wealthy Russian noblewomen.
  2. The best time to fart during a book discussion is when people are having a heated argument.
  3. Just because a book has been likened to Twilight doesn't mean that it's just as bad. Sometimes, that book is even worse.
  4. Bookworms, even ageing ones, can still have 20/20 vision.
  5. Shakespeare is meant to be read aloud.
  6. Unlike movies, book sequels aren't necessarily crap.
  7. Debut fiction always rocks.
  8. We still judge books by their covers. Well, hello there, my beautiful Penguin editions!
  9. The bookmark is now a conundrum. A lot of people read exclusively via their e-readers, and yet they still love getting those bookmarks. It makes you wonder what they use them for.
  10. It takes chutzpah to give books as gifts to bibliophiles. There's always the risk of the recipient getting duplicate copies.
  11. Laters, baby! 
  12. It's still more fun to read than to watch TV.


Sarah said...

Great list :)

Peter S. said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Overthinker Palaboy said...

idol ko talaga list mo! haha!

Ryan said...

How can you not be drawn to trains.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Overthinker Palaboy! Thanks!

Hello, Ryan! I love trains too! But not so much that I'd end my life through them. Hehehehe.

Becca Lostinbooks said...

#3 made me laugh out loud haha!

I haven't read Shakespeare out loud, but definitely something to experiment with in 2013.

Why do people want those bookmarks? Collections?

Kaz said...

Must let you know that Seventeen was ROFL at point two. What can I say? Boy. Seventeen. Meh!!!