Monday, February 27, 2012

The bookshelf project #31

This week's picture of a bookshelf is from, ta-dah, my mom. And the picture below, with its modest but growing collection of books, was taken in our other house in Antipolo.

My mom loves her paperbacks. She's a fan of suspense novels and thrillers -- John Saul, Karin Slaughter, Ken Follett, and David Baldacci. She's the person who introduced me to Stephen King. My first Stephen King read, The Dead Zone, I read when I was 11.

Recently, I introduced her to the Pendergast novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. She can't have enough of this enigmatic hero!

What do you think of my mom's books, dear reader?


Tina said...

This would probably what my dad's shelf would look like if he managed to collect enough books to fill a shelf. :D He likes his paperbacks too, but he's more of a John Grisham and Tom Clancy fan. We had to let go of some of his books when we moved houses, but he's got an ebook reader to keep him company anyway. :)

Peter S. said...

Hello, Tina! My mom loves John Grisham too!

genesandico said...

Thank you for this Kuyajo. Actually, I have more books pa nasa bodega na kasi di na kasya maliit lang ang shelf! Anyway, baka termites feasted on them na, have to check one of these days! Sayang naman!

Jack said...

Frugal. Spartan. She must have (or have had) a lot more books stored somewhere else, but this shelf speaks to a person who knows what's important and lets the rest go. So many people (like me!) can't bear to part with a book once they've acquired it, and keep it on a shelf like a trophy even though they never intend to read it again.

Do you remember what Seinfeld said about that? "You know, the second time you read Moby Dick, Ahab and the whale become good friends!"

I envy you, though. It must be nice to have a relationship with your mom based on a common interest like this. Cherish every moment of it!

Peter S. said...

@Mama: You're welcome! Keep on reading!

@Jack: I remember that Seinfeld line! So funny!

Stepford Mum said...

I love how the Bible still takes the place of prominence on your mom's shelf. I think every Catholic Filipino family has that same stand - my parents gave me one for my home when I got married!

I also admire how your mom has made time to read. It was my mom who was largely responsible for filling our bookshelves as kids, and I must say she bought all the right books and created booklovers out of my sisters and myself. Despite that, I have never seen her sitting down with a book apart from her Daily Prayer one. She's always running around doing things for the house or the family. Now that I'm a mom, I find myself just as busy!

Peter S. said...

Hello, Stepford Mum! Mothers are awesome!

Inspiration Leading My Steps said...

I love it :D I have a larger collection of paperbacks versus hard covered books; that I've grown since my passion blossomed in high school. That's at least 12 years!

I should send a picture of my beloved books which I have stored away in a large storage bin in my closet!

Thinking back, the best stories I've read are paperbacks (plus their easier to hold lol)....Sue Graftons' Mystery Novels, Terry Goodkinds' Sword of Truth Series, loads of Harlequin Romance novels, lol. But my ultimate favorite was my fantasy novels in the past. Now I am all about Self Development. :)