Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still 20/20 after all the reading

Photo courtesy of Rhett

One day, I will wake up with a need for reading glasses. But for now, I'm still enjoying the fact that my vision is still perfectly clear. Hey, I need good vision for my job, as I'm a book editor. And I still have a mountain of a TBR pile to go through. So, 20/20 vision, please stay with me for a few more years.

Nevertheless, I doubt if a pair of uncool-looking reading glasses would stop me from reading. Perhaps in a few years, they'd make a scientific breakthrough -- making people's vision as accurate as those of the owl on my shoulder.

Happy reading, everyone! And please take care of your precious eyes!


Chachic said...

I still have 20/20 vision as well and I hope it stays that way for a long time. I wear anti-radiation glasses when using the computer though because I get headaches and eye strain whenever I'm online for too long.

Jack said...

Hey, Peter, who's your date? I am perversely pleased to hear you are a book editor; I see you post about reading a hundred books a year, and wonder why I consider it a good year when I read a tenth of that! I've used reading glasses for a good many years, and they aren't bad, in fact, one of the most convenient tools I've encountered yet. You can get them with style, they slip on easily at need, and you only wear them to, you know, read, meaning, at your desk or in the comfort of your home.

We're all going to get old, my friend. The only way to keep it from wearing down your spirit is to embrace the positives. Reading glasses ain't nothin', just a convenient little tool to keep you enjoying the written word for decades after you would have lost the ability otherwise.

I have obtained one of the pieces to complete my bookshelves; only one to go. You'll see what I mean when I send the pictures. Well, gotta fly. Take care of those eyes!

Peter S. said...

@Chachic: Ooooohhhh! I want anti-radiation glasses!

@Jack: Embracing the positives -- I like that idea!

Monique said...

Unfortunately, my eyes have a 600 (and still getting higher) grade. My first glasses, when I was in first year high school, had a grade of 350, with astigmatism on both eyes, to boot. And yes, reading is the culprit.

I envy your perfect vision. Maybe it's time I had lasik? :)

icyhighs said...

That's an ace owl. And collecting pictures of bookshelves...that's just awesome.

Peter S. said...

@Monique: I guess genetics also play a part. I'm fortunate to have parents who have no need for glasses when they were young.

@icyhighs: Thanks for dropping by! If you have pictures of bookshelves, send them my way!