Sunday, January 22, 2012

The bookshelf project #29

This week's pictures of bookshelves are from Tina, a fellow Filipino book blogger. Tina usually writes about young adult books. Check out her awesome blog entries here.

I always make it a point to visit Tina's blog when I'm craving for YA fiction. Her reviews are really helpful and quite insightful. Let's check out Tina's shelves, shall we?

To enlarge the pictures, press the Ctrl key and then click on the pictures. The enlarged versions will open in a new window.

Wow! I definitely need a ladder to reach the topmost books. Let's see the shelves in closeup.

Here are Tina's nonfiction books. Tina is deeply spiritual and she went to Spain last year for World Youth Day. See the loads of books with religious themes. Tina's also a writer, by the way.

The non-YA shelf. Lots of Peretti and Dekker. And those gritty Trese graphic novels are such a joy to get lost into.

The YA shelf. I notice a lot of romantic YA fiction by Dessen, as well as fantasy titles by Yancey, Cashore, and Turner. And, woot woot, Ness's Chaos Walking books! I love those!

And of course, the sacred TBR pile, which every true blue bibliophile learns to live with. So Tina still has to sink her teeth into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and A Game of Thrones. I'm sure she'll be a fan. Hey, I see The Wednesday Wars! It's my favorite book last year!

I have shelf envy just looking at these pictures. How about you, dear reader? What do you think of Tina's shelves?


Maricel @ Career Mom Online said...

I miss my own book shelf. Ondoy in 2009 swallowed it whole. On the bright side, maybe it's time to set up one again. :)

Peter S. said...

Hi, Maricel! I think Tina's original bookshelves were also damaged during Ondoy.

Yay! Yes, you should set one up soon!

Chachic said...

Love the YA shelf! So many familiar titles in Tina's pile. I also think the TBR pile on top of the shelf is a great idea, makes it easier to grab books to read.

Peter, I haven't forgotten your request for a picture of my bookshelf. I just need to organize my shelves!

Tina said...

Thanks for the feature, Peter! And too bad we didn't see you at the FBB meet-up yesterday.

Maricel: Yes, my original bookshelf was damaged back in Ondoy, too. The one on the photo used to be a cupboard at home so the shelves are kind of big. I have another one that needs to be set up but I need to clean the rest of my room to make room for that. :D

Peter S. said...

@Chachic: No worries. I'll just happily wait for them. Hehehehe.

@Tina: You're welcome! Thank you so much for sending these!

Garpppy Garp said...

Wish my library is as neat as this. Haha!

Peter S. said...

Hi, Garpppy Garp! Would love to see your library nonetheless!

gillboard said...

this reminds me, i badly need to clean up my book shelf. i have books lying all around my room.

Peter S. said...

I bet they're comic books, gillboard. :-)

Jadina said...

WOW! So many good books, I'm so jealous! Haha, I'm also an avid reader but you have a bookshelf to die for!
Love the blog btw!

Please come check out my blog for upcoming posts and giveaways! It's good to be a follower! I'll return the favor!

Peter S. said...

Hi, Jadina! Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

This bookshelf project is awesome. The horizontally stacked books on top of the vertical ones is also something I have to live with everyday- having a shelf bigger than my books. And yes, for every reader, expansion of the TBR towers is inevitable. Great shelf! :)