Saturday, February 14, 2009

Non-conventional books on love

Finally, Valentine's Day is upon us, and, it's time once again to show our appreciation to the persons and things we love. My top 4 loves (in random order) are food, family and friends, the curly haired one, and books. If you do plan to spend the day by yourself, maybe you can snuggle in your bed with a book for company. If you're in bed with a book, you don't have to worry about things like morning breath, the obligatory snuggling, the required talking after sex, Here are my favorite books about love (or some other feeling associated with it). Once again, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Mmmmmmwahhhhhhh!

Jose Saramago's magical novel set in 1711 during the Inquisition is pure romance. This isn't a light read though. Saramago hates punctuation marks. There's barely a period and no quotation marks to speak of.

Ian McEwan's brilliant novel about obsession is highly recommended for those who have been heartbroken. McEwan even comes up with a totally realistic description of a personality disorder. If you've ever considered stalking somebody, read this.

Never mind if you've seen the mess of a movie; it doesn't even compare to the genius of De Benieres's prose. Captain Corelli's Mandolin is really for everyone who's in love, fallen in love, fallen out of love, and loves Greek food.

John Preston's In Search of a Master is a novel with sadomasochistic themes. Still, it's basically your everyday love story. Man inflicts pain, boy feels pain, boy loves the pain, boy falls for the man. Now change the sexes and I'm sure you've also experienced this.

Now You're One of Us, a horror novel by Asa Nonami, has been compared to Rosemary's Baby. While it does have the same theme as Levin's novel, Nonami's book focuses on a woman turning a blind eye to the things around her, all for the love of her man.