Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown to turning 35 and not being 20/20

I still have a few days before I turn 35, which is probably why I've been thinking lately about a lot of things -- from giving my wardrobe an overhaul to pondering on the significance of the things I've recently bought. I did notice one curious thing concerning the books I bought for the past few months: most of them are hardbacks.

Before, I would think twice before buying a hardback, often painfully waiting for the mass market or trade paperback editions to come out. Lately, I've been buying several of them. Never mind that it means that I would have to use a bigger back just to lug around 2 of them with me. I keep going back to how easy it is to read the larger type.

I still love paperbacks though. Most of my favorite books are paperbacks. I couldn't care less that they were printed on newsprint and smudged my fingers with their low-quality, semi-permanent ink. For the past few months though, I noticed myself squinting every time I open them.

I've never pictured myself in glasses, although most people always assume that I wear reading glasses at least. I didn't need them before. I have (or used to have) perfect 20/20 vision. I can read fine print a meter away. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. But if not wearing glasses is what stands in the way of reading books, then I'd wear a pair. Heck, I'd be happy to keep them on even when I go to bed.