Thursday, January 16, 2014

A very book-ish wedding

Last month, I was able attend a very unconventional wedding. It was unconventional because it well, well, very book-ish. But when I think about it, this theme really comes as no surprise, as the bride is a well-loved author who is a very active supporter of the local book industry. The bride, Bebang Siy, is my favorite local author. She's a total gas!

The actual wedding ceremony was very beautiful. Bebang opted to have it in one of the centuries-old churches here in Manila. What really made the event very book-ish were the tiny details that you can see during the wedding reception. Here are a few photos I'd like to share with you, dear reader.

The wedding invite had lots of goofy pictures such as this.
The couple's in a library's card catalogue room!
I wonder if young people today still know what card catalogues are. 
The missalette of the wedding had nice book-ish touches too.
And the mass was conducted in the local language.
I was wondering why the roving library of a museum was parked in front of the church.
It turned out that it was the bridal car!
Before the start of the wedding ceremony, we were given little envelopes.
These envelopes contained the confetti.
And they were made of hearts cut out of the pages of books.
I wonder what kind of books were used. Just look at text of one piece above.
(Photo credit: R.)
We were given hand-made bookmarks as table place holders.
Bebang was the one who actually cut the letters.
The table was covered with these beautiful printouts of how the couple met.
Also on the table were books covered in white paper, serving as the center piece.
(Sorry for the blurred photo.)
I managed to get inside the bridal car before the wedding.
Instant photo opportunity with the bride!
As usual, Bebang had her goofy face on.
The wedding date was December 30,  Rizal Day.
On the way to the reception, we passed by Rizal Park.
The flag was flying at half mast in honor of our national hero.
R. and I also got the chance to goof off at the photo booth!
I love the book-ish collage as well.


NocturnalReader said...

I still remember what a card catalogue looks like! Ugh, does that makes me look old? Lol!

This is a cute wedding theme. Totally geeky and screams book lover!

Congrats to the new husband and wife

Peter S. said...

Oh, I still remember that too! If I were to have a library at home, I would totally have a card catalogue.