Friday, September 27, 2013

My turn, again

It's been a while since I last moderated an actual and official book discussion at my book club. Yes, I've been involved in our science fiction read-along, which lasted for a little over a month this year. But there's a certain level of anticipation when one moderates the book club's book of the month.

For October this year, R. and I decided to moderate Stephen King's fantastic collection of short stories entitled Night Shift. It's been a while since I read a Stephen King, even though I had a wonderful King phase during my teenage years. (Didn't we all?) Initially, I thought of The Shining, as it's still one of my favorite horror novels and also because the sequel comes out this year. However, I figured that, since most of the books to be discussed this year by the book club are novels, short stories would definitely provide a refreshing break.

Our first concern was the venue for the discussion. Most of our discussions take place in restaurants that somehow fit the theme of the book. (For instance, we had The Blindness discussion at a Portuguese restaurant.) But R. and I feel that perhaps holding the discussion at a very old house might be a good idea. Fortunately, one of the members know of this very old house with a creepy vibe to it. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we can hold it at that house.

The old house in Pandacan
Here's hoping!

Nevertheless, we do plan to have a jolly good time in the discussion wherever it will be held. Who doesn't love discussing horror stories? I can go on and on talking about the books that scared me as a kid and also why King was instrumental in nurturing my taste for the horror genre.

The inspiration for this photo is the short story entitled "The Boogeyman."
Now that's a story that will have you think twice of opening closets in the dead of night.


Monique said...

I haven't read a Stephen King yet. :( *hides under the table*

Peter S. said...

Oh, Night Shift is the perfect introduction to Stephen King!

Jaime said...

Ooohh love Stephen King! Great for a book club discussion. Have lots of fun!

Peter S. said...

Thanks, Jaime! Hopefully, it'll be a fun discussion! Fingers crossed!

Louize Gonzales said...

Hello, Peter!
I hope you get to have the place for the discussion. It's creepy, and very thematic. ♥

By any chance, is that the old Romualdez residence?

Peter S. said...

Hi, Louize! Nope, this isn't the Romualdez residence, but it's really very near to that!

kyemeruth said...

Hahaha! Skipped Stephen King (along with John Grisham and Dean Koontz) during HS/College years because I felt they were too mainstream. Haha! *Sorry*

Peter S. said...

Hehehehe. No need to apologize. To each his or her own.