Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now under my radar

When the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction was handed out this week, I was relieved to find out that they actually picked a winner. Last year, they just had a list of 3 nominated novels. For shame! Oh well, we couldn't really nitpick on the judges' reasons.

Now The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson. A novel about North Korea. The books seems eerily familiar to me. So familiar that I recall having bought it. And that's how I spent part of my Wednesday night—me and my big fat ass riffling through my shelves. Damn silverfish and dust bunnies everywhere.

And then I found it! Woot! So now The Orphan Master's Son is my Mt. Everest. I will read it because it's there. Now I understand how important these awards are. They bring to our attention books that we wouldn't have picked up. In my case, it just gave me the motivation to lessen the number of books that I have to read, by 1.

Hooray for impulsive book purchases! One never knows if the book one gets will end up being a keeper.