Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another read-along comes to a close

We've been reading Haruki Murakami's most recent novel, 1Q84, for more than 2 months. And on a Friday night, a few members of the book club decided to meet to discuss the book, officially bringing to a close the online read-along. Needless to say, it was a night well spent talking about the novel and enjoying one another's company.

We didn't think about the traffic that day, considering that it was a weekend and a pay day. We couldn't care less that we'll be meeting again the next day for an official book club event. We didn't mind that there'll be only a few of us for the meet-up (we were only 11). We just wanted to talk about the book, get it out of our system, and hear other people's thoughts about it.

1Q84 is such a polarizing book, that's what I got during the discussion. A few really found it very enjoyable, and some didn't take to it at all. What we did agree on, however, was that there were lots of questions that were left unanswered even after more than a thousand pages. In fact, the discussion centered on those questions, with the members sharing their theories about them.

I'll post my review of 1Q84 soon. A caveat: I didn't like it that much. But what's more important, I believe, was the experience of reading this doorstop with awesome people from the book club. I never thought that read-alongs could be so much fun.

I managed to take a few pictures during the meet-up, and I'm sharing them with you, dear reader.

Joko, showing the bespoke shoes that Ajie made just for her

Pretty glasses that Ajie painted on

Ajie and Ling, all smiles before the discussion

Iya and Gege, engaging in small talk

Michelle, one of the members who really enjoyed the novel
Michelle, Lia, Joko, and Iya
These ladies had a lot to say!

Anne, Ling, and Mike
e-reader love!
Iya, Arthur, and Ajie
Of course, it wouldn't be a book club meet-up without food.


Monique said...

You didn't like it that much? How do you feel about that, when you spent so much time reading it? Don't you feel... cheated of all that time spent for it?

Peter S. said...

Hahahahaha. In a way, yes. Good thing that the read-along experience was awesome!