Monday, July 23, 2012


It's clear by now that I'm probably the biggest Penguin fan. I love all of their imprints. But my favorite of all is the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions.

I love these editions because of four reasons: (1) the very beautiful covers, (2) the French flaps, (3) the thick book paper, and (4) the deckle edges. Of course, they also look beautiful on the shelf.

Penguin Threads, one of their recent cover initiatives
Cover art done by hand stitching and embroidery!

Their Graham Greene covers feature illustrations by Brian Cronin.
Cronin also did the cover illustrations for the Penguin reissues of Wyndham novels.

Cartoon-inspired covers!
I feel that this aesthetic adds an element of fun while doing some serious reading. 

Words can't describe the artistry that went into these 2 cover designs.
The Lovecraft cover has a very apt weird feel to it, and the Siddhartha is very sublime.

I love the woodcut effect of the Shirley Jackson cover.
And the Borges features an illustration by Peter Sís. 

My absolute favorite: the couture editions!
Ruben Toledo, renowned fashion illustrator, did the covers. 

Very, very artistic, no?


Stepford Mum said...

What a fabulous collection, Peter!! As I've said many a time, my classics need an upgrade. And I must hunt down some more Wyndham books!

Peter S. said...

Thanks, Stepford Mum!

Monique said...

Ay, inggit! :))

Peter S. said...


Ryan said...

That cover for We Have Always Lived in the Castle is sublime!

Peter S. said...

Yes, it is!

Anonymous said...

That cover art for Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis is amazing.

Peter S. said...

I love that cover too!