Friday, April 6, 2012

The book about my favorite TV show

I don't watch that much TV. However, for the life of me, I got hooked to 'Downton Abbey'! Maybe it appealed to my being an Anglophile. Or maybe I just love those period dramas.

So just imagine my surprise when I found this at the bookstore. In my mind, I was doing my happy dance! I couldn't care less if it were overpriced. I just had to have it!

The book's behind-the-scenes material is such a joy to go through. It offers a glimpse not just of the actors who play the different characters but also the creators and the production staff who make all of 'Downton Abbey' such a joy to watch.

And speaking of characters, the book made me realize that there are more characters downstairs than upstairs! See the character map below.

One of the things that endeared me to the show was the elaborate costumes. These pieces are so detailed down to the last stitch. And the book shows us just how difficult assembling these clothes to fit the actors.

Of course, the set design is exquisite as well. Just look at the nitty gritty of Mrs Patmore's kitchen! It must have taken a lot of work for the production design team to gather those antique set pieces.

The World of Downton Abbey also touches on the different themes that the show touches on. One of my favorite characters is the first footman, Thomas Barrow. Here's his dashing self beside a discussion on homosexuality.

I am really impressed with the dedication of every person involved in the show. Even applying on makeup is a rigorous process.

But what really makes the book a good purchase is the wealth of information regarding what goes on off camera.

If you haven't seen an episode of 'Downton Abbey', then I think you're missing out on good TV. If you end up really liking the series, you'd understand why I bought The World of Downton Abbey on a whim.


Portobello's coffee said...

We should have a DA book discussion now that there's a book about the show. Haha!

Anonymous said...

You should watch Sherlock.
You'll love it!

Peter S. said...

Hi, Portobello's coffee! Yes, we should!

Hello, Pretty Katastrophe! Sure, I'll download a few episodes and try watching the show. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ivan said...

It looks interesting. I'm going to try to watch the series this summer.

Peter S. said...

Hello, Ivan! It's more than interesting -- it's addictive!

Stepford Mum said...

Oooh, looks like the perfect companion to the show. Am on episode 3 of series 2. Unfortunately, the dvd I have doesn't have the CHristmas special so I'll have to find that somewhere!

Peter S. said...

It is, Stepford Mum!