Sunday, March 25, 2012

More birthday loot and a farewell to a beloved bookstore

And people keep giving me books for my birthday! Here are more books that I've received for my 38th! And look, there's a De Botton, one of my current favorite authors! Woot!

On a sadder note, a bookstore that I have come to love and which has become a 'home' to the book club, Libreria, closed its doors for the last time last Saturday, 24 March. It was a bittersweet occasion indeed, for we remembered all the fun times we had at Libreria and then finally bid it adieu.

We entered Libreria via its famous blue-framed door.
Happiness can be found inside amid books and fellow book lovers.
(Photo courtesy by R.)

Libreria's shelves were a wonder to go through.
(Photo courtesy of R.)

Libreria's beautiful proprietor, Triccie,
during Mardi Gras that she hosted at her bookstore
(Photo courtesy of R.)

My final book loot at Libreria

I will definitely miss Libreria. I will miss not only the endless coffee refills, the books I can't find anywhere in local bookstores, and the artsy atmosphere, but more so the warm conversations with other bibliophiles, most especially with its owner. Good luck on your other endeavor, Triccie!


C.B. James said...

I'm always sorry to see a bookstore close. Sounds like this one will be missed.

But I didn't know The Poisiden Adventure was based on a book!!!

Jack said...

It's always sad to lose an old friend. I was a wargamer in my youth, and I still feel the pain from when my local, one-owner hobby shop closed its doors, to be replaced a month later by a damned collection agency! Vultures, coming and going...

The worst part is that they always seem to be replaced by some big chain whose only focus is the harvesting of money. No way Toys-R-Us was going to let us meet to play games in the middle of one of their aisles!

I feel your pain, brother. I only hope it is replaced by something that has half the value to you that that bookstore did...

Peter S. said...

Hi, C. B. James! I didn't know that as well!

Hello, Jack! I just knew that you'd understand how it feels.

joselle said...

This is sad. But you had so many good memories there, so I guess that's a little consolation. I remember when the then one and only bookstore in Dumaguete was called the Old San Francisco Bookstore and it sold used books, magazines, even vinyl records. It also had the strangest collection of foreign books! I loved the old-book smell that would greet me every time I entered that store.

Peter S. said...

Hello, Joselle. That bookstore you mentioned sounds lovely. I wish I'd visited it when I went to Dumaguete several years ago.